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Step 1
Brands offer free products

Step 2
creators apply to test products

Step 3
Brands reviewed in unbiased creator videos

Brands offer free products

Create your product page

  • Upload photos and videos of the product you're offering
  • Write a clear description of product benefits
  • Give creators all the information they need to do a smart video review

creators apply to review products

Select the creators you want to collaborate with

  • Get notified when creators apply to review your product
  • Receive detailed analytics about the creator's viewership and engagement
  • Pick the creators you like best
  • We'll take care of sending them your products

creators upload their video reviews on their channels

Each video tells a different story about your product

  • creators are required to post their videos within 21 days after they receive their products
  • Use our real-time dashboard to measure the output of your campaign
  • Increase your visibility within your community

Launch your campaign now

Reach thousands of creators who would love to review your brand Give free products. Get video reviews.